Minutes of FOGG AGM – Monday 14thth September 2015

Location – Girton Glebe School @ 15.30

Present:  Kathyrn Quinn, Julia Watkinson, Helen McLachlan, Mary de Luca, Miss Edwards, Miss Street, Ingaret Faulkner, Kate Sherwood, Sally Thorpe, Alison Wright, Louisa Cook, Mrs Knowler, Ashleigh White, Anita Bennett, Georgina Mason, Mrs Scrivner, Susan Lomax, Clive Hall.





1.   Welcome

Kathyrn Quinn (KQ) welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2.   Apologies

Jo Ward, Francesca de Angeli, Ioana Campean, Lisa Bailey


3.   Chairs Report

The minutes of last years AGM were formally approved.


In her role as Co-Chair of FOGG, KQ delivered a comprehensive report on FOGGs activities during 2014-15. The report was very detailed, and, for the purposes of these minutes, the main issues are presented as bullet points. If anyone wishes to view the actual, detailed report, please contact Clive Hall (CH)

       A really fun filled year

       Ten cake sales, funds raised allocated directly back to the class that hosted the sale

       Three new style split discos

       Two jumble sales

       Two raffles with over twenty top prizes

       Christmas Fair with over 395 entry stickers, and a performance by the Girton Community Choir

       Tree shredding event in conjunction with Sustainable Girton & Apple Juice Club

       Partnerships with Acacia Tree Surgery and the Girton Allotment Society

       Easter event with Easter Elk and carrot

       Litter Pick in conjunction with Sustainable Girton and the Rotary Club

       Pop Quiz with the Spice Girls

       The Funathon

       1940s Street Party at the Girton Feast

       Ceilidh with the Cambridge University Ceilidh Band (already booked for May 2016)

       Pond and Garden Group formed, who renovated the pond, and created a nature area for Goose Club

       Millennium Garden re-invented as an outdoor classroom. Many thanks to Acacia Tree Surgery for the donation of logs for seating and tables

       Millennium Garden ceramic plaque commissioned. Jane Bower facilitated the work with the children, to commemorate all involved ion the efforts in the transformation

       The Swimming Pool Transformation. Two weekends of jet washing, 50 litres of paint, and a successful grant bid to South Cambridgeshire Community Chest for a new pool cover, enabled three months of FOGG family swim, and two community swims


KQ stated that all this was only possible due to the support, enthusiasm and commitment of parent, carers, children, extended family, Girton Glebe School staff, and the wider community.

KQ reported that a very generous bequest was received towards the end of the summer term, from a local resident

Winding up, KQ reminded the audience that the we are now entering the schools 65th anniversary year, and to remember all of those who have stood here before us to create the school our children so enjoy and care for

Co-Chair Susan Lomax (SL) sated that she had enjoyed her year in the role, and congratulated KQ on her outstanding leadership.


4.   Treasurers Report

Georgina Mason (GM) advised that due to the timing of the AGM, she has draft figures at this time. Final figures will be available at the next Committee meeting. As with the Co-Chairs report, these minutes will be present the Treasurers report as bullet points. When the Final report is completed, this will be made available to those people who wish to view it.


  • Thirty Four events, raising a total of 11,180
  • Grant funding for Community Swim raised 1390
  • Legacy bequest from local resident raised 20,277
  • Miscellaneous income of 1159
  • Total income raised 34,006
  • Funathon 2015 and Gift Aid monies have not yet been included


Total expenditure for year was 16,248. Of this, 12305 directly benefited the school, and 3201 was spent on costs incurred for fundraising events.

As a result, the overall cash position has increased by 17758, giving a total cash position of 29,387, all of which is available to fund projects going forward.

GM stated that it has been a fantastic financial year, due to the hard work and support of all those involved.




5.   Headteachers Report

Mrs Scrivner advised that, whilst she did not have a formal report, she wished to make clear her deep thanks and appreciation for the efforts of FOGG during the year. She congratulated the Committee on their efforts, and advised that very favourable feedback had been received from her staff. Very apparent visible changes were in evidence. Mrs Scrivner again thanked everyone who had made a contribution, and looked forward to the new year with relish.


6.  Election of Committee Members and Class Representatives

 For ease of reading, these minutes will bullet point the changes and confirmations.



  • SL stepped down as Co-Chair
  • KQ was re-elected Co-Chair
  • Ashleigh White (AW) was elected as Co-Chair

       GM stepped down as Treasurer

       Sally Thorpe (ST) was elected as Treasurer

       Mrs Scrivner & Miss Street were re-elected

            as School Representatives

       Clive Hall (CH) was re-elected as Secretary

Class Representatives

       Oak – Anita Bennet and Kate Redmond

       Willow – Francesca de Angeli

       Cherry – Helen McLachlan

       Rowan – Ioana Campean and Andy Wilson

       Lime – Susan Lomax and Alison Wright

       Beech – Ingarat Faulkner

       Ash – Lucy Wilson

       Pine – Tara McGregor

       Birch – to be established

KQ thanked SL and GM for their sterling efforts in their respective roles, and advised them to enjoy their retirements. After presenting SL and GM with cards and cup cakes, KQ welcomed the new Committee members.

In addition, KQ thanked all departing Class Representatives for their efforts, and welcomed their replacements


7.  AOB

Julia Watkinson (JW) asked what plans were in place for the legacy bequest donation. KQ advised that the bequest came with a condition that the funds were spent on musical instruments. However, the detail of this has yet to be discussed. It will come up as an agenda item at the nest Committee meeting.

KQ reminded the meeting that a new FOGG expenditure form has been created. This form must be used as a starting point request for all potential FOGG funding.




It was confirmed that the date of the next Committee meeting would be W/C 21st September @ Girton Glebe School – Time would be 15.30. CH will create a Doodle Poll to establish exact date.


KQ closed the meeting @ 16.00